Saturday, November 13, 2010

Where to buy Cheapest DSLR in the Philippines or Manila?

Where to buy Cheapest DSLR in the Philippines or Manila?
If you’re looking for a right place to buy Cheap DSLR cameras and other photographic equipment in the Philippines for the lowest prices, then it’s in Hidalgo St., Quiapo.

The place in general is notorious as one of Manila’s shabby and crime infested areas (full of pirated CDs/DVDs, counterfeit electronics, snatchers, garbage).
 Round trip airfare to
Manila and a few days’ expenses.

If you’re wondering why the stores in Hidalgo sell it for such a low price, it’s because space rentals in Quiapo are much cheaper and because they sell most items with a local/store warranty. Meaning, if you need to have it fixed/replaced, you won’t be able to do it in just any service center of your camera brand, but only in the store where you bought the camera.

How to get there? To get there, ride the LRT (Yellow Line) and get off at Carriedo Station. Using the Google map as a reference, walk further along Carrideo St., at the first intersection you will find SM Quiapo to your right. Enter SM and go to the other side of the building. When you exit, you will be somewhere in front of Watson’s and Henry’s. the other stores are not far from there. There’s a Banco de Oro branch along the street to your right, in front of it is Mayer.

Here’s a list of Camera Shops in Hidalgo St., Quiapo and their contact details:
For point and shoot cameras and DSLRs, Henry’s and Mayer are two of the most popular stores. Depending on the item, prices may vary in each store, so it would be best to contact them beforehand for prices.
Remember to be on high alert when you’re in Quiapo! It’s not one of the safest places in Manila so the quickest you can go in and out, the better. The safest places there are: inside the LRT Station, inside SM, and inside the stores. If you’re anywhere outside these areas, walk fast and be extra alert. It would also be best if you bring one or more persons along with you during your visit.


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