Saturday, November 13, 2010

Where to buy Cheapest DSLR in the Philippines or Manila?

Where to buy Cheapest DSLR in the Philippines or Manila?
If you’re looking for a right place to buy Cheap DSLR cameras and other photographic equipment in the Philippines for the lowest prices, then it’s in Hidalgo St., Quiapo.

The place in general is notorious as one of Manila’s shabby and crime infested areas (full of pirated CDs/DVDs, counterfeit electronics, snatchers, garbage).
 Round trip airfare to

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Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Lenovo new ultra-portables and business laptops

It’s the new year, and time for some new stuff from Lenovo. The laptop manufacturer announced their latest and greatest recently, the new ThinkPad X100e and the ThinkPad Edge (amongst others).

The ThinkPad X100e is one of Lenovo’s new ultra-portable line, running on either an AMD Neo or Turion CPU. It features a full size keyboard, ships with Windows 7, and is available in red or black. The X100e should be

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Kodak Slice touchscreen camera

Kodak pretty much started the point and shoot camera market, but they’ve been behind for a while as far as innovation goes. In fact, this is pretty much an attempt to catch up with Nikon, Canon, and the other manufacturers who are using a touchscreen interface.

The cutely named Slice is a seemingly typical P&S camera, albeit with a 14MP sensor and

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Two of the most anticipated mobile phones of 2010 are now being sold in gray markets in Metro Manila. Saw a couple of them, HTC Touch HD2 and Nokia N900, being sold at InfoMax for a pretty big wad of cash.

The HTC Touch HD2 (HTC Leo) is selling for Php49,500. The last remaining unit was sold to an expat but the sales clerk says they’ll have new stocks soon.

The Nokia N900, rumored to be released in

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The Bendable One Skiff eReader

It’s the CES once again and we’re seeing tons of new drool-worthy gizmos and gadgets. One of them is the preview of the Skiff, a bendable eReader. Check out the photos below to believe.

The Skiff gets and awesome display size at 11.5″ with a resolution of 1200×1600 pixels.

The company, Hearst, hints the device is durable and is actually bendable since it uses a

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