Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Two of the most anticipated mobile phones of 2010 are now being sold in gray markets in Metro Manila. Saw a couple of them, HTC Touch HD2 and Nokia N900, being sold at InfoMax for a pretty big wad of cash.

The HTC Touch HD2 (HTC Leo) is selling for Php49,500. The last remaining unit was sold to an expat but the sales clerk says they’ll have new stocks soon.

The Nokia N900, rumored to be released in
March 2010, is also selling for Php48,000. Only one remaining unit left as the other one was sold last December by InfoMax MegaMall.

If those are the gray market prices, then there’s a huge chance that the official SRP would be much lower than that. I reckon that if InfoMax gets somewhere between 20 to 30% margins on these units, the official prices will be Php35k to Php40k when they arrive.

But if you’re itching to get your hands into one of these babies ahead of everyone else, you’ll have to shell out the additional Php10k premium.